Meet Last Year's  ONECares Beneficiaries

Last year we we received 5 applicants with unique and challenging stories. We were so moved by these stories we could not pick one. We decided to ONE-up our goal by raising money for 5 beneficiaries. Thanks to everyONE who chipped in!


Jose is struggling with a debilitating medical condition while unable to get to and from doctor appointments due to a lack of a vehicle and  financial means. Living in a friend's basement, our recipient is doing his best to keep his hope high and faith strong.


A young boy in 5th grade battling cancer and a family with very limited means.  We are all hanging onto hope, but his diagnosis gives him only a small chance at survival.  Raymonds divorced parents are in need of financial assistance in order to focus on Raymond.


This single mom escaped from a domestic violence situation where her husband physically attacked her and her children.  Our support enables her to take care of her children while she works multiple jobs.  Ongoing fears of him finding her makes the matters even more difficult to receive help.


The persistent and prolonged health crisis and mounting medical expenses have made it difficult to meet regular financial obligations necessary to support his family of 6.  The increased debt and the repossession of one of their vehicles have added to the mounting pile of challenges.


A 28 yr old man with Moyamoya disease - a rare progressive cerebrovascular disorder caused by blocked arteries at the base of the brain.  Our assistance will help Kaley with much needed personal needs outside of his existing medical burdens.

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Meet Our
ONEcares committee

Torie Okamura
Onecares committee Chair

Duvan Botero
Sponsor Chair

Amanda Tapp
Donor Chair

Kara Ragsdale
Golf Chair